Florian Hengstberger wrote:


I'm using FreeBSD 5.2.1 and I'm in trouble with installing software
using the ports collection. After typing "make install" everything seems to be okay, but in most cases I get a message like this after
a few minutes:

fetch time out

It seemed to me that the mirror servers are not uptodate or that
some filenames have changed in the meantime, because fetching data
from ftp-servers worked a few times. But in nearly all cases I had to copy the files manually in
/usr/ports/distfiles as "make install" finally suggested.

So I installed a new ports-collection with sysinstall over ftp but
things haven't changed. I'm a little confused, because fetching data
from FreeSD ftp-servers doesn't work too (remember that some fetches
were successful!).

Please help me,

A "new ports-collection with sysinstall"? Maybe someone else knows if what you really get from that is "new". Mostly people seem to use cvsup to update the ports tree. Try comparing some of the version number in your /usr/ports/category/program/Makefile with the ones at ftp.freebsd.org. Are the versions the same? If it's not, try installing cvsup or cvsup-without-gui as a pkg (you can do that from sysinstall without issues, I'm guessing) and cvsup to the latest release of ports by editing /usr/share/examples/cvsup/ports-supfile as appropriate and then:

   $cvsup /usr/share/examples/cvsup/ports-supfile

Now, I guess by suggesting that I'm still assuming it is a problem
with an out-of-date tree. If you're sure it's not out of date, the
other possibility is connectivity, I guess?

Can you give a specific example of the error (e.g., which port
you were trying to build), and quote the output from "make install"?
That might help a bit.

Kevin Kinsey
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