On 25 Aug, 2004, at 06:39, Ilker OZUPAK wrote:

On Wednesday 25 August 2004 02:49, Warren Block wrote:
On Tue, 24 Aug 2004, Curtis Vaughan wrote:
BTW!  After updating to 4-STABLE do I then perform all the following

Go to /usr/src
enter the command: make buildworld KERNCONF=yourkernelname
in your mail you asked about a good name. actully the name mantioned here
is the name of config file for your kernel which is located at

Well, since I have already done: make buildworld KERNCONF=kernel.STABLE
does that in any way mess up the process of upgrading?

That is, do I need to start this process over? If so, how? I noticed that nonetheless I now have a kernel and a kernel.GENERIC file in my root directory.

BTW, how come I can't scroll on the terminal. In Linux I am used to using PGUP and PGDN in order to scroll up and down my terminal. I can't figure out that functionality under FreeBSD. Even under bash this doesn't work. (NB. I am not using X windows of any sort)


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