Hi All,

   Can I plug in an ATM DS3 into something like a Cisco Lightstream LS1010
with a DS3 card, then plug a PC running FreeBSD and Quagga, with a
Marconi Forerunner HE155 using the fatm() driver, into a OC3 card on
the LS1010, then define a VC, switch it through the switch,
and run data over that?

  We are looking into bringing in another feed this time via ATM DS3,
and I don't think that a DS3 ATM card exists for the PC that has a
FreeBSD (or Linux) driver.  However I see a number of PCI ATM lan adapters
for PC's.  It seems that an ATM switch, of which there are plenty
available, would be the way to get from one to the other.  However I
have not dealt yet with ATM switches, is there anything inherently different
about ATM on a lan adapter like the HE155, and ATM on a DS3?


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