Jerry McAllister wrote:
I've booted a 5.2.1 miniinstall CD and got to the point where I choose which disk to install onto.

My choices are

Great. How do I know which disk is which?

OK  ad0 would be the first ide drive and da0 would be the first SCSI
drive or maybe the first USB drive.

Thanks Jerry

_I_ could work it out if the panel displayed information such as

Note: DOS names would be worse than useless because I don't use DOS, and the BIOS doesn't detect all my drives.

If your BIOS doesn't detect your drives you have problems to deal
with before you get to installing FreeBSD.

The website doesn't help.

I'm not on any list. Please respond by
a) Fixing the web page
b) Mailing me the necessary info (eg the fixed page when it's done) in case I can't discover by other means which is which.

Try not giving orders to volunteers.  It is tacky and won't get
you anywhere.    Maybe you should learn enough to fix the DOC yourself
and submit a change.

I'm new to FreeBSD and this is my first look at it. I think your suggestion a little tacky.

I'm sorry that you felt I was giving orders, that was not my intent. In my defence though, as I said in another post, thought I was talking directly to someone responsible for the content, and explaining that I find that content confusing.

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