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I've got a friend that's a C++/OpenGL hacker. He's got a nifty OpenGL
app that he wants to port to FreeBSD. I've no experience with OpenGL
development on FBSD. Are there any OpenGL developers out there that
can point me to FAQs or docs that are necessary to work in this

Many TIA

- Regards,


Having hacked some OpenGL on FreeBSD myself, I found to be helpful (the obvious one, perhaps), as well as NeHe's tutorials over on

Basically, any stuff that's valid for Linux, is also valid for FreeBSD. The OpenGL API is identical (and comes installed with X), the only thing that might be different is the placement of libraries and headers, but this is handled during compile-time anyways. The other thing is hardware acceleration. I'm fuzzy on this, but my impression is that this is somewhat non-existent on FreeBSD. The only exception quite possibly being the NVIDIA drivers.

If he's porting from Linux, my guess is that he's got a fairly easy job ahead of him. If he's porting from Windows, that's going to pose a lot more work. Also, he'll need to use one of the appropriate libraries (GLUT or SDL) unless he wants to code directly atop libX11 *shudder*.

Hope this helps!
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