"oscar wicks" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>and  bsd guys:
>hello,i have a very old toshiba t4600c (386, 33Mhz, 200Mb Hd. 8 MbRAM, no 
>LAN, just serial port and floppy drive.) i  supose that  that  is  enough 
>for  mini install freebsd 4.10 , but everything goes fine until toshiba  
>asks for  second  floppy (mfsroot.flp) loads fine until machine  says :

Hi Oscar

Check the installation notes for 4.10 at:

You'll need 16Mbytes of memory for the install and you'll need to
make a custom "pared-down" kernel to get it to run in 8Mbyte.

Also, there is much more to the installation than what is included
on the two floppies, so you'll need a modem and internet connection
on that serial port.

I'd recommend fitting your HD to another PC and install the OS and
build a custom kernel there and then fit it back in your toshiba.

We are not supposed to answer technical questions on this list as
they are all supposed to go to [EMAIL PROTECTED] where all the
experts hang out, so I've CC'd this message there including the
rest of your message below.

Good luck to you, and come back here if you want to chat about
FreeBSD newbie stuff (other than technical questions of course).


>Hit [Enter] to boot immediately, or any other key for command prompt.
>Booting [kernel] in 9 seconds... _
>if  i  press enter  or  any  key  is  same...      machine  reboot (!!!)
>the kernel configuration menu was  never launched.
>if  i  want  to launch kernel configuration menu, i  press space bar  and  
>apears  the  very  basic  system  prompt :
>using  lsmod   i  can see kernel and  mfsroot modules loaded, i  type
>unload an  i procceed manually:
>insert kernel  floppy and say:
>load /kernel
>then i  change to mfsroot.flp and  i type " boot "  this  is  when kernel 
>configuration menu apears,  i select  skip kernel  config and the Device 
>Probe Results  comes, but  booting process fails when  system  trys  to  
>mounting  root from ufs:fd0c   (...)
>machine  says:
>init: not found in path 
>panic:no init
>syncing disks
>uptime:  2s
>automatic reboot in 15 seconds - press any key on console to  abort
>any  clue???
>please  letme  know  where  can  i  find  info  for  learn howto, or  
>understand  what im  doing  wrong
>please  RE to  this  mail address:
>thanks  for  your  help
>oscar wicks

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