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Hi all,

I just now replaced my 350MHz PII home server back to the old 133MHz PI to
see if my crashing problems went away. I have noticed that dhclient-script
does a `netstat -rn | grep "^default" | awk {'print $6'}` to get the
interface that the default route is on, in my case my dsl modem is on fxp1.
Since this is a slow machine however, this takes a very long time for it to
do that command as I seem to have quite alot of...routing entries I guess
they are?

Okay it seems to me that you want to use DHCP in order to get your ass (machine) in the internet. That seems rather logically, only i use the dhclient <interface> command (dhclient rl0 for example). To me it sounds rather silly to do a netstat -rn command, checkup the default route interface and then add dhcp stuff into it.. since dhcp sets these default route for me..

Perhaps you can try and see if that works quicker :)


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