Markie forgot, and forwared this to the list, i forgot and didn't notice it until now that it also had been sent to the list by Markie. So, i will 'reply' this message to the Questions list as well just to keep you guys and the archive updated.


Remko Lodder wrote:

Markie wrote:

Suggesting I do `dhclient fxp1`? That's exactly my problem though :-) That
uses /sbin/dhclient-script to do all of it's work, right? dhclient-script
tries to figure out the interface... or something to do with a default
route by doing that netstat -rn command.

dhclient-script snippet...
if [ x$alias_subnet_mask != x ]; then
  alias_subnet_arg="netmask $alias_subnet_mask"

# Get the interface to which our default route is bound to.
if [ -x /usr/bin/netstat ]; then
       if_defaultroute=`/usr/bin/netstat -rn \
               | /usr/bin/grep "^default" \
               | /usr/bin/awk '{print $6}'`

if [ x$reason = xMEDIUM ]; then
  eval "ifconfig $interface $medium"
  eval "ifconfig $interface inet -alias $medium" >/dev/null 2>&1
  sleep 1
  exit_with_hooks 0

See it? Basically I am after some sort of command that might be able to get
the interface with the default route assigned but quicker than netstat -rn
since I have alot of routing table entries. Like I said, if there's no
other way I will just have to fix it so it's if_defaultroute = "fxp1".

I've already had to make some changes to the script to get it to work with
my modem anyway so it won't hurt me :-) I was just wondering if there was
any other nice way of doing it so that say if I changed the internet
interface to a vx card I wouldn't have to try and remember to change that
to vx0 (I _will_ forget I made the change :-)

Well, how come there is a default route if you use dhcp afterwards? my default route is delivered through dhcp.. so i cannot reside on a default entry because i dont have any... That's why i think that the default grep is a little bit weird actually, since most hosts dont have any routes at all at that point in time and then start dhclient <iface>

And to be  more exact:

in /etc/rc.conf i have
ifconfig_em0="DHCP" which starts ``dhclient em0'' for me... i never used dhclient-script, and didn't read it carefully yet to understand it.

Perhaps this explains a bit...

or i just dont get the question yet { have a long weekend, tired etc ;) }

Cheers dude!

Kind regards,

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