I sent this already but didn't get any replies. I'm a little desperate because I need to get this working, so if you can suggest anything at all, I'd really appreciate it. I'm running FreeBSD 5.2-RELEASE, apache is apache13-modssl, php is the mod_php version. All latest versions (cvsup this morning).

The problem is that apache segfaults on startup when loadmodule/addmodule php are in the config file. Originally I fixed the problem by compiling apache without expat. However, after a portupgrade it stopped working again.

Right now it's working with a major kludge: start up apache with loadmodule/addmodule commented out, comment them back in and do an apachectl restart. Somehow this lets apache work without segfaulting. However, if I do an apachectl graceful/restart, then it segfaults again and won't start up.

I've tried recompiling apache, recompiling php, getting rid of php extensions, etc, all to no avail. There is nothing in the logs, it simply fails to start up. Any help or ideas are greatly appreciated.

Vonleigh Simmons <http://illusionart.com/>

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