* Gary Aitken <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [0911 20:11]:
> Scott Gerhardt wrote:
> >
> >On Sep 15, 2004, at 12:19 PM, Curtis Vaughan wrote:
> >
> >>I have a question about what exactly I should backup on my 5.3 FreeBSD 
> >>Server. So far I have chosen the following directories for full 
> >>backup.  But perhaps some is overkill.
> >>
> >>/etc
> >>/boot
> >>/home
> >>/var/log
> >>/usr/ports
> >>/root
> >>/usr/local
> >>/usr/src
> You probably do want to back up /usr/src/sys/xxx/conf,
> where xxx is i386 or whatever for your sys, since that is
> where your kernel config for custom kernels normally resides.

What I do is keep my kernel config in my home directory (under CVS
control) and symlink to it from /usr/src. I have 'rm -rf /usr/src'ed
once too often in anger :)
Also I prefer to have /usr/local/etc as a symlik into /etc/local/ , again
so I can 'cp -Rp /etc /etc.ok' before I start to reconfigure the system
(changing network IPs or similar) and restore everything easily.

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