On Wed, Sep 22, 2004 at 03:05:22PM +0200, Michael Wichmann wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Just a quick question about this little thing, that bugs me from time to 
> time:)  Num-lock ist turned off by default after I boot up FreeBSD 
> 5.2.1. Is there any way to enable it by default?
> Thanks,
> Micha

There is often a BIOS setting that may affect this, but this is assuming
that you are speaking about booting to a console.  If you are booting
into X then, from past experience, it is a bit more tricky.  I haven't
looked at it in a while and things may have changed, but as of a year or
so ago there were various hacks and tools to get the Numlock activated
when booting into X.  KDE's FAQ used to have a section on this,
in which they stated that it wasn't really a KDE issue at all, but gave
some tips on it simply because the issue came up frequently.  You can
try playing around with xset(1) and the 'led' option.  I also recall
that there was a small program developed for the very purpose of
automatically activating the Numlock when booting into X.  A few web
searches should pull up a lot of information.

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