On Mon, 11 Oct 2004, Matthew Seaman wrote:

On Mon, Oct 11, 2004 at 04:05:17PM +0100, Vince Hoffman wrote:
Hi all,
        Got a port upgrade problem here, ruby is dumping core during a
portsdb -uU (and thus any time it tries to update the portsdb.

<<SNIP lots of info>>

any suggestions welcome

Gawd. Not this *again*. Did you try searhing the web at all?


Doh no, since i try and read as much of -questions and -current I thought I would have caught it on the lists ;)
Thanks for the help (again)


Anyhow, a work-around is to:

   % setenv PORTS_DBDRIVER=bdb1_hash

and then do all your portupgrade stuff as usual.

The problem is with the bdb1_btree functions in the base system.  A
fix has been committed to HEAD, RELENG_4 and RELENG_5.  It won't be
applied to RELENG_5_2, so either you're going to have to extract the
patch yourself and apply it manually, or you can upgrade to one of the




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