> >Monday, July 31, 2017 4:20 PM UTC from Dag-Erling Smørgrav
> <d...@des.no>:
> >
> >Big Lebowski < spankthes...@gmail.com > writes:
> >> Dag-Erling Smørgrav < d...@des.no > writes:
> >> > There are decades of history here of which you are clearly unaware.
> >> > You may have the best of intentions, but nothing good will come of
> >> > raising this topic here and now.  Just drop it.
> >> Des, please, stop doing that. You're greatest example of cant-be-done
> >> about almost anything anyone asks for on this list.
> >>
> >> Michelle, please, don't stop. Keep talking, keep asking, and maybe
> >> one day a new breed of people who don't care about cant-be-done or
> >> 'decades of history' will get things done.
> >
> >No.  You truly have no idea.  You're pouring gasoline on a fire and
> >inadvertantly insulting everyone involved.
> >
> >Come see me at a con and we can discuss it over a beer.  But not here.
> Remind me - who are you to set the standards what people can tell and what
> not ?
> I'm off this list. This is ridiculous. An important topic killed by some 
> dickhead.

As a complete newcomer to this list, seeing a fairly well-written message 
responded to in such an arrogant and, frankly, idiotic manner does not reflect 
well upon this project.

"There are decades of history here of which you are clearly unaware."
"No.  You truly have no idea."

Was your intent to sound like a know-it-all hipster? If not, reconsider your 
approach. If so, SERIOUSLY reconsider your approach.

Michelle has a point. I submitted a PR on a port and waited TWO YEARS to be 
told "your patch is in the wrong form." There are reasonable and realistic 
criticisms that demand reasonable responses. Dag, your response fell FAR short 
in the reasonableness test.
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