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Date: Aug 9, 2017 9:36 PM
Subject: Re: DefCon lecture BSD Kern Vulns
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Michelle Sullivan <miche...@sorbs.net> writes:
> People should talk between, and maybe people should put security and
> co-operation before pride and empires... [...]

There are decades of history here of which you are clearly unaware.
Your may have the best of intentions, but nothing good will come of
raising this topic here and now.  Just drop it.

History continues... our lives are more connected. More peoples are
involved. There are decades of examples of hacking and computer
insecurities. l also think this project should be more aware of security.

Some times I think that another period of plain bug hunting as happened in
the long 4.x series will make wonders to the system. l ended here because
of this mythical series, even. Other times I just think I misunderstood the
engineering process: a bug hunting and integration phases are hidden
somewere l still don't know.

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