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Last I checked, the automated installer created a separate pool called
"bootpool," with a symlink from /boot to /bootpool.

I believe this is the case if the option for full disk encryption is
selected in the installer. This is required until the boot loader is
capable of recognising and accessing a geli encrypted disk.

For a "plain" install, /boot is nothing more than a directory created in
the root filesystem that will get created during installation. This is
the same for UFS and ZFS. I haven't checked during a build but I don't
think anything gets installed into /boot before installkernel so you
shouldn't expect it to exist before installkernel.

As mentioned you can create a separate pool for /boot so you can load
the kernel from a non-encrypted filesystem that can then mount the
remaining encrypted filesystems.

Another alternative setup is using boot environments that would create
filesystems as /sys/ROOT/<boot env name> that are then mounted as the
root filesystem. Like a plain system the /boot folder would still be
created at the installkernel stage.

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