On 2017/01/13 15:43, Holger Kipp wrote:
> so currently via pkg upgrade I got perl5-5.24.1.r4_1, which perl itself 
> confirms:
> ===>  Installing for perl5.24-5.24.1.r5_1

Notice the difference in package names.  One is calling itself 'perl5'
and the other 'perl5.24' which means pkg(8) thinks they are completely
different packages.  This is why compiling from ports can't delete the
version you installed as a pkg.

The reason for the different names is because in one case, that port was
designated the default perl version when the package was built, and in
the other case it wasn't.  5.24 is currently the default version of perl
in the FreeBSD package build cluster, as of the beginning of this month
for the latest quarterly branch.

Check your /etc/make.conf or similar -- do you have a DEFAULT_VERSIONS
setting for perl?  You should use something like:

   DEFAULT_VERSIONS+= perl5=5.24

which will at least make the pkg cluster and your own-build packages
agree on the package name.



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