NAGY Andreas wrote:
>Thanks! Please keep me updated if you find put more or when a updated version 
>is available.
Will try to remember to do so.

>As I now know it is working, I will start tomorrow to build up a testsystem 
>with 3 NFS servers >(two of them in a ha with CARP and HAST) and several ESXi 
>hosts which will all access there >NFS datastores over 4 uplinks with NICs on 
>different subnets.
>It should always be possible to do there some testing.
Have fun. That's way beyond anything I do for NFS testing.

Btw, unless you don't want me to, I will list you as "Tested by:" on the 
(If you don't want me to do this, just email.)

Good luck with the testing, rick
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