I have the newly released macbook pro 13" (7,1). (swedish keyboard) And it 
seems that I have some problem with the USB-keyboard driver.
The keyboard seems to work more or less in the boot meny, I can type and so on. 
But when the system is booted the keyboard
dosent work. It seems like ctrl is constantly pressed or something like that. 
Nothing that I've done gives me normal characters
on screen. Its the FreeBSD 7.3 amd64 version i have installed btw. (8.0 or 9.0 
freeezes during boot due to some acpi-problem

I have got the keyboard to partially work when using the fixit cd. If I choose 
US UNIX keymap first and then switch to some other
keymap, say US ISO och Swedish ISO it works to type but shift, ctrl and so on 
doesnt work.

Peter Ankerstål

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