on 26/04/2010 23:49 Peter Ankerstål said the following:
> On 26 apr 2010, at 22.21, Andriy Gapon wrote:
>> on 26/04/2010 22:31 Peter Ankerstål said the following:
>>> I managed to get the boot-process past the ACPI-part by adding 
>>> similar lines like above (MacBookPro7,1) to the FreeBSD HEAD branch (as of 
>>> 26 April 19:00 CEST). Made a release iso like this: 
>>> http://romana.now.ie/writing/customfreebsdiso.html
>>> But now the boot-process panics at a later stage in the process and it 
>>> looks like this:
>>> http://www.pean.org/macbook_boot.jpg
>>> Any pointers? 
>> Wow, a 3833x2492 screenshot of a text console!
>> Can you execute 'bt' at the last prompt?
> No, sorry. No input seems to work. 

Do you have KDB_TRACE in your kernel config?
If not, please try adding it.
Andriy Gapon
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