At 04:40 PM 5/6/2010, Hans Petter Selasky wrote:
> 0.003 apcupsd: generic-usb.c:398 Initializing libusb

The FreeBSD LibUSB v0.1 reports the wrong number of busses and devices. I can
fix this.


> 0.003 apcupsd: generic-usb.c:403 Found 0 USB busses
> 0.007 apcupsd: generic-usb.c:405 Found 0 USB devices

The problem is that the UPS code is designed to attach to the first matching
device only. LibUSB does not hide devices with drivers already attached, which
I think your utility assumes. You should use:

pidfile, see man pidfile

To create a temporary file with some string which consists of all numbers in
udev->filename, separated by ".". Or USB LibUSB v.1.0!

I am guessing the program would need to be re-written to use v1.0 ? Thanks for the feedback and help as always!

I also found another work around by the author of the daemon which works great!

I've made a small patch, but it won't fix your issue :-(


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