On Wed, 4 Aug 2010, Joerg Wunsch wrote:

As Marcin Cieslak wrote:

Checked with the same hardware (dual-boot) and Microsoft
Vista (with arduino-0018 IDE) and the board can be
contacted and programmed without any problems.

Your check on Windows has been using a stock AVRDUDE (e.g., a WinAVR
compilation), too?  Or another tool?

On Windows I have used arduino Java IDE. Arduino IDE distribution
actually includes a whole WinAVR stack including avrdude.exe,
but I didn't pay attention what is actually used.
I will reboot to Windows now and check the commandline invocation.

On FreeBSD arduino the Java IDE tries to use avrdude and fails the same
was as from commandline.

IIRC, the Arduino bootloader requires some special tricks in order to
talk to it.  I think AVRDUDE v5.10 still lacks that feature.  Could
you try the SVN version of AVRDUDE?

AVRDUDE is mentioned for example here 
as the tool to use.

I have tried "-c arduino" or "-c stk500v1" with trunk and I get still
the same affect as with 5.10 (Programmer timeout).

What maybe important: TX/RX LED on the board don't react at all
when trying to use avrdude (there is only a single blink
on firmware LED - which means bootloader start).

With Windows - TX/RX indicated clearly some activity.

(I don't see a GNATS ID in the subject.  Has this been actually filed
via send-pr?)

Hm, yes, sorry... You were copied on the original send-pr.


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