oh freaking wow!!!

this just got weirder!!!

i haven't had the two-press thing again, but since you listed the status of the keys themselves, i decided to check just now...

numlock off = numbers
numlock on = cursor pad

we have two different behaviors here. please double check yours just in case. i just double-checked, my keypad is operating opposite the way it should be.

motherboard: intel dq45ek, most recent bios (mid august), numlock defaults to on in bios cmos setting.

just in case, i double-checked, my external keypad is hooked up to the laptop, not this - no conflicts there.

xorg is configured or default behavior, as is kde4.

this might be a xorg or kde issue. i just checked syscons. normal behavior there. nums only when numlock is on.

in kde system settings: "leave unchanged" is the enabled option.

if you have kde4 installed (or any other wm) please check under x for reverse behavior.

Alexander Best wrote:
On Thu Aug 26 10, Jim Bryant wrote:
when you had to press it twice, was that only for the first attempt, and did pressing it once after that turn it off? and once after that, on?

exactly. it might be a bit easier to understand if i explain it this way:

instance        |       num lock led    |       number keys working
--------------- | --------------------- | -------------------------
no key press    |       on              |       no
1st key press   |       on              |       no
2nd key press   |       off             |       no
3rd key press   |       on              |       yes
4th key press   |       off             |       no
5th key press   |       on              |       yes

(key press refering to the num lock key)


i just read your note here, and the following one about the long delays (kern/99538), and was able to duplicate the two-press thing.

amd64 here, under kde, and the keyboard is a compaq pos ps/2 via a generic mouse/kb dongle/adapter for usb i got on ebay from hong kong:

ukbd1: <vendor 0x13ba Generic USB K/B, class 0/0, rev 1.10/0.01, addr 2> on usbus2 ums1: <vendor 0x13ba Generic USB K/B, class 0/0, rev 1.10/0.01, addr 2> on usbus2

it seems that the press-twice scenario was only needed the first attempt. normal behaviour after that.

8.1-stable last cvsup/build:

FreeBSD orb.electron-tube.net 8.1-STABLE FreeBSD 8.1-STABLE #0: Wed Aug 25 03:44:55 CDT 2010 jbry...@orb.electron-tube.net:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/ORB amd64

Alexander Best wrote:
hi there,

i have a very tiny num lock issue with ukbd on HEAD (amd64; r211393). in my
bios i have enabled the "boot with num lock enabled" feature. when i fire up
freebsd the num lock light on my keyboard is on. however the num lock keys
don't work. if i press the num lock button once nothing happens. if i hit it twice the num lock led goes off. to make the num lock feature work i have to
actually hit the num lock key thrice.

is this a known issue?


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