I was told to "get the [input-wacom] USB driver into the FreeBSD
project, where all the USB gods have access". Are ye such gods? How does one get something into the project?

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    From: Dominic Fandrey <kamik...@bsdforen.de>
 Subject: Re: input-wacom on FreeBSD 8.1 for Intuos 4?
      To: anth...@cloudnet.com


On 01/09/2010 03:11, anth...@cloudnet.com wrote:
I'm running FreeBSD 8.1 and noticed that you don't have the intuos 4
listed under supported devices for the wacom driver. Will this work for
an intuos 4 anyway?

I'm afraid this won't work at all, because the USB kernel module
has never been ported to the new USB stack.

If not, do you recommend running the linux version
under binary compatibility?

As said the trouble is the USB driver. The Linux version won't work

The original developer of the driver has "disappeared" and there's
a lot to be done.

First the module has to be ported to the new USB stack.

Support for the latest Wacom tablets has to be added to the module.
It is unlikely that adding the device IDs suffices to achieve this.
One would probably have to reverse engineer stuff or sign and NDA
with Wacom.

The interface between the kernel module and the Xorg driver is not
stable, the module has to be adopted to the linuxwacom 0.10.8

It would be a wise course to get the USB driver into the FreeBSD
project, where all the USB gods have access.


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