I just stumbled upon this message by accident. Since it is still unanswered, I thought I might reply.

I was told to "get the [input-wacom] USB driver into the FreeBSD
project, where all the USB gods have access". Are ye such gods? How
does one get something into the project?

The most important thing is to get the driver updated to the new USB stack first. Then, one can think about getting it into the main tree so that it can easier be updated if the USB stack changes again.

The original developer of the driver has "disappeared" and there's
a lot to be done.

I beg to differ :). I never disappeared. I was just busy finishing my PhD (and still am to some extent). I no longer have access to a Cintiq or an Intuos but I have a Bamboo Fun and a Bamboo Pen & Touch. I would very much like to port my driver to the new USB stack and get these supported. As with all free software development, spare time is the issue.

Support for the latest Wacom tablets has to be added to the module.
It is unlikely that adding the device IDs suffices to achieve this.

Correct. There are differences in protocol between device families and adjustments have to be made.

One would probably have to reverse engineer stuff or sign and NDA
with Wacom.

I actually have sufficient information to pull this all of. Really, time is the only constraint.

The interface between the kernel module and the Xorg driver is not
stable, the module has to be adopted to the linuxwacom 0.10.8

This is not very hard to do.

- Bartosz
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