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> Hope we are posting to the correct list ...
> We__re using a laptop for our temp mail-server and would like to attach a
> two (2) or three (3) TB external USB HDD for back-up purposes.  Would
> someone be kind enough to point us to a step-by-step article on what needs
> to be entered in the /etc/fstab to allow us to leave the drive connected
> and facilitate auto mount/umount across system reboots; the results Google
> are presenting isn__t sufficient.  Perhaps it__s or search terms that aren__t
> on point.
> Thanks.

The following link  provides a 'recipe' for using gpart to partition the disk.


If you use the '-L' flag to newfs after creating one or more partitions, e.g.

newfs -L "image" daXp1

This will create a device node in /dev/ufs (/dev/ufs/image).

You may then create fstab  entries as usual, but using the label device, e.g.

/dev/ufs/image          /usr/image              ufs             rw      2 2

Unless you add "noauto" to the options (rw,noauto) the system will
fsck and mount the partition on boot.

You can, of course, create several partitions on the disk, using
a separate label (-L) for each.

Is this what you needed?
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