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Lastly, we don't fully understand, nor have we found an article or man
page that explains (in a way we can understand), how to use the 'bs= ' to
the 'dd' command.

Within the 'man dd' the examples show 'bs=512' however, in the FreeBSD
Handbook Using Slices, they demonstrate dd using 'bs=1k'; we
continue to be confused.  Should we take this confusion to another list?

bs is the block size for the transfers. If you want to fill a harddisk you want to use a big blocksize such as bs=1m. When you have a smaller block size dd will be more busy pushing the blocks around which will only increase CPU load and lower your transfer rate.

As for the unit following the number:
     Where sizes are specified, a decimal, octal, or hexadecimal number of
     bytes is expected.  If the number ends with a ``b'', ``k'', ``m'', ``g'',
     or ``w'', the number is multiplied by 512, 1024 (1K), 1048576 (1M),
     1073741824 (1G) or the number of bytes in an integer, respectively.  Two
     or more numbers may be separated by an ``x'' to indicate a product.

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