On 2011-Feb-05 11:58:43 +1030, Daniel O'Connor <docon...@gsoft.com.au> wrote:
>On 07/01/2010, at 14:54, Daniel O'Connor wrote:
>> One problem is that ports don't know which version to use, it would be nice 
>> if they could just depend on devel/libusb and Magic Happened (tm) to pick
>> the correct thing.

The correct solution is 'USE_LIBUSB=yes' with relevant magic in bsd.port.mk
Unfortunately this is unlikely to occur because it's only needed for 7.x
which will be dying within the next few years.

>What about if devel/pkgconfig is modified to search in /usr/libdata/pkgconfig 
>and systems with native libusb have entries in there?

Apart from libusb, are there any other apps in the base system that
could reasonably install .pc files?

Peter Jeremy

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