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> Hi,
> I don't know which chip used in your D-Link hub Uffe, but I believe
> this one made with respect of standard.
> Uffe, can You do simple test with your device:
> 1. connect your device to active PC and check if it charging.
> 2. put your PC in StandBy or PowerOff mode(don't remove power cord),
> reattach your device and also check if device still charging.
> In both cases most devices will continue charging, but some "smart"
> device in second case disable charging. (my Sony PRS-600)
> I was trying to charge my PRS with power supply with USB connector, and
> reader don't start charging. So charging can start only after some
> interaction between USB host and device.

> --
> Aleksandr Rybalko <r...@ddteam.net>

There is another kind of devices which it is very likely that some of them
can be found in any local computer store :

USB AC Chargers :

A few sample pages would be :




Thank you very much .

Mehmet Erol Sanliturk
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