Hi list,

While I was running Freebsd 8, I used to set the suitable rights for my hplip printer, plugged via usb, in this way:

* ulpt removed from the kernel.
* scripting /etc/devd.conf, to catch usb printers events, as follows:

attach 10 {
#        device-name "ugen[0-9]+";
        match "vendor"  "0x03f0";
        match "product" "0x4712";
#        action "logger Chalut la foule";
        action "/root/sbin/ugen-hdle $device-name";



david:~>less /root/sbin/ugen-hdle
echo "Printer detected on " $1
dev=`echo $1 | /usr/bin/awk 'BEGIN { } { s = substr($0, 5, 99); } END { print s; }'`
echo "setting suitable rights for " $dev
/usr/sbin/chown cups:hplip /dev/usb/$dev.[0-9]
/bin/chmod g+rw /dev/usb/$dev.[0-9]

But, now running FreeBSD 9, I get new usb/devd behavior issues.

First, the ulpt module is always loaded. Is there any elegant way to get rid of this 'self loading' behavior, except to remove it from /boot/modules ?

Anyway, it sounds like HPLIP is now working with the ulpt module loaded.

But, devd never sets the suitable rights on ugen.

Moreover, switching to the 'action' that only logs something, reveals that devd never executes this entry.

So, what's should be the news group&user's rights required by HPLIP/cups on FreeBSD 9 ?

And, how to handle them with devd ?

However, there is a new "devd" directory inside of "/etc".
Is there new usb&devd procedures for FreeBSD9  ?

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