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> On Sat, Oct 29, 2011 at 04:10:46PM +0200, David Marec wrote:
> > So, what's should be the news group&user's rights required by
> > HPLIP/cups on FreeBSD 9 ?
> > And, how to handle them with devd ?
> Use devfs rules.
> Pasting from http://www.stack.nl/~jilles/unix/freebsd-devfs.txt
> Create or edit /etc/devfs.rules and put something like this in it:
> [devfsrules_mybox=10]
> add path 'fd0*' mode 660

The problem is that the printer appears as ugenXXX.Y, but other usb
devices (disk, usb-key, ...) also have an entry in /dev/ugen/

You really don't want to allow the users to access these devices, but
*only* the printer. This is why we use a devd rule that test the type
of the device. I don't think we can do this with devfs.

And the ugen number differs if the usb port is not always the same.

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