On Wednesday 01 February 2012 23:04:04 Anthony Lemmer wrote:
> Hello Hans,
> Thank you for your assistance.
> Various Linux distros I've tried works on this machine via USB, of course I
> assume by "broken" you just refer to the fact that BSD lacks the shotgunned
> USB compatibility of more popular operating systems.
> Umass does not print any error messages. The only errors I get are
> regarding the following:
> usb_alloc_device: set addr 2 failed (USB_ERR_TIMEOUT)
> usbd_setup_device_desc: getting device descriptor failed (USB_ERR_TIMEOUT).
> ugen0.2 <unknown> @ usbus 0 (Disconnect)
> Then root waits/fails on USB1.
> Oh, another, single, error popped up: *run_interrupt_driven_hooks still
> waiting 60 seconds for xpt-config*.
> Regards,
> Anthony Lemmer


That means the UMASS driver has not yet attached, and we are failing at a much 
earlier level.

Could you try using an external USB HUB in between or buy a KINGSTON USB 
memory stick which you could try as a reference?

The timeout means the USB device is NAK-ing some important USB messages. That 
indidicates a firmware failure on the USB device!

Regarding "Various Linux distros works with ...": The FreeBSD USB stack is 
fully USB compliant. Some USB devices are never tested with anything, but XP. 
They assume certain timing and order of operation. I'm sorry to say, but if 
your USB device fails at this point then I would guess it is also broken in 
more ways and you should not use non-USB certified USB devices for important 
purposes like installing an OS. Does your USB device or package for this 
device have the USB-LOGO like on the usb.org website?

For your curosity, you can build a USB kernel with options USB_DEBUG and then 
play with the following sysctl, increasing, decreasing their values and then 
try to attach the USB device.

hw.usb.pr_recovery_delay: 250
hw.usb.pr_poll_delay: 50

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