>> Hi,
>> For some time I had problems with my Cam (Olympus FE-230), it wouldn't
>> recognized again after unplugging it from the USB Connector.
>> Now I have a very similar Problem while trying to get an J-Link V8
>> compatible Jtag debugger working in conjunction with openocd.
>> Maybe there are bugs in openocd, but the bigger ones seems to be in
>> FreeBSDs USB drivers.
>> In the meantime I've cvs-supped to 8.3PRERELEASE (yesterday) built world
>> and kernel. I've commented the ?hci drivers out of the kernel config and
>> set USB_DEBUG.
>> At fist please Cc me, I'm not on freebsd-usb.
>> After Loading the uhci module:
>Could you log the USB traffic on the UHCI controller using usbdump ?
>It would be interesting to see what is going on.
>Have you tried using an external High-Speed HUB?

Here is the dump: http://www.tiffe.de/other/usbus1.dump

This is connecting the J-link, starting openocd twice, removing 
and reconnecting the J-link followed by a kldunload uhci.

Can't provide a dump while kldloading since usbdump stops when the driver
is unloaded.

I have no Highspeedr-Hub so this was a direct connect. Results are the same
regardless whcih interface is used.



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