>The BULK transfer stops by a stall. I suspect the UHCI is receiving more data 
>than it can, and is hardware programmed to stop it looks like. I can't change 
>that behaviour. It is not a bug in the FreeBSD USB driver I think.
>Try this patch to /usr/ports/devel/openocd/
>make extract patch
>ee ./work/openocd-0.5.0/src/jtag/drivers/jlink.c

Uhh, may I use Vi? :-)
>result = jlink_usb_read(jlink, in_length);
>/* must read at least one packet at a time! */
>result = jlink_usb_read(jlink, in_length + ((-in_length) & 63));
>Then re-compile and try again!

Ok, I'll try that patch(~ sunday eavening, I'm out of town currntly),
but it adresses the problem with openocd. ( which is good anyways).
I is still a bug in FreeBSD's driver that there is now way to
wake up the controller again and I think that should be changed.
(please remember, most Kerenels are running with compiled in drivers, so
thie singe solution is a reboot to reactivate the controller.
I dont know that much about USB, but I sure that FreeBSDs behavior in this
case isn't that what we really want. I think usbconfig -d ugen1.1 reset
schould be made working..


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