On Sunday 22 April 2012 07:25:20 Daniel O'Connor wrote:
> On 22/04/2012, at 14:34, Yuri wrote:
> > I am looking at the USB webcam device that doesn't work on BSD (stalls).
> > I have the log of linux USB communcation to the same device, where it
> > works fine.
> > 
> > Is there a way I can send the particular requests to USB device through
> > script, as a debugging facility, so that I can easily change what is
> > sent, compare what is received to what I have in log, and make changes?
> AFAIK there are no shell commands for this, however you can get libusb
> bindings for Python, Ruby, etc..
> > I know that kernel also sends some requests to the USB device, and I
> > would like to disable this in such case.
> If there is no driver then the kernel will only enumerate it which is the
> bare minimum to give it an address and read out the configuration
> descriptors.

You can do this using usbconfig -d X.Y do_request

man usbconfig

Only control transfers!

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