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From: "Christopher J. Ruwe" <>
To: <>
Cc: PseudoCylon <>
Subject: Re: kern/167847: dlink dwl-122g e crashes(?) when trying wap2
Date: Fri, 18 May 2012 11:22:49 +0200

 > Do stations see the bsdap or nothing at all? Does
 > % ifconfig wlan0 list ap
 > list the ap? (Do it one of stations.)
 The stations see nothing at all. Using 
 ifconfig <dev> list ap _before_ enabling hostapd gives 
 bsdap           b8:a3:86:97:c1:ec    6   54M -63:-95  100 ES   WME
 _after_ enabling hostapd, the stations cannot see the ap anymore.
 > If it does,
 > first issue
 > # wlandebug -i wlan0 assoc+auth+crypto
 > then have a station to connect the ap.
 > Let me know what it says.
 I fear that I cannot use wlandebug, I have already tried.
 [cjr@ritchie:~]$ wlandebug
 wlandebug: sysctl-get(net.wlan.0.debug): No such file or directory
 [cjr@ritchie:~]$ sysctl -a | grep wlan
 device  wlan
 device  wlan_wep
 device  wlan_ccmp
 device  wlan_tkip
 device  wlan_amrr
 device  wlan_acl
 device  wlan_xauth
 device  wlan_rssadapt
 net.wlan.cac_timeout: 60
 net.wlan.nol_timeout: 1800
 net.wlan.addba_maxtries: 3
 net.wlan.addba_backoff: 10000
 net.wlan.addba_timeout: 250
 net.wlan.recv_bar: 1
 net.wlan.0.%parent: run0
 net.wlan.0.driver_caps: 92324864
 net.wlan.0.bmiss_max: 2
 net.wlan.0.inact_run: 300
 net.wlan.0.inact_probe: 30
 net.wlan.0.inact_auth: 180
 net.wlan.0.inact_init: 30
 net.wlan.0.amrr_rate_interval: 1000
 net.wlan.0.amrr_max_sucess_threshold: 15
 net.wlan.0.amrr_min_sucess_threshold: 1
 > Just in case, you have changed "UseYourOwnPwd" in hostapd.conf to the
 > actual password you are using, haven't you?
 > wpa_passphrase=UseYourOwnPwd
 Yes, I have ;-). I think it will not matter until I _myself_ can see and
 connect to the wlan ap. I could ask the cracker to help my to connect,
 Thank you, cheers, Christopher
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