On 10/09/2012 16:54, Hans Petter Selasky wrote:
> Hi,
> For those that want to try the Raspberry PI and its USB ports:
> Add this to "sys/conf/files":
> dev/usb/controller/dwc_otg.c          optional dwcotg
> arm/broadcom/bcm2835/dwc_otg_brcm.c   optional dwcotg
> And add this to "RPI-B":
> device dwcotg
> device usb
> device umass
> Open ISSUE:
> External USB ports do not enumerate. Set address times out. Reason unknown. 
> Maybe someone out there has any clues?

Thanks! :)

I am waiting for my Raspberry Pi to arrive and I'd like very much to try
FreeBSD on it!

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