On Wednesday 12 September 2012 12:24:58 Alexander Yerenkow wrote:
> We tested kernel built by gonzo@, there working framebuffer, ue0, and
> USB2.0 devices (in theory, I didn't have those).
> But after some activity (like download few megabytes file) all is stuck
> with message
> usb device stalled
> This is getting 100% repeatedly, no matter if download goes to sd card, or
> to malloc-md-device.
> If (When) this will be fixed, then Rpi would be a candy, prepared to
> testing and more or less usable.
> I have in plans try it with xorg-framebuffer, and with directfb, while
> there's no video support.


You should try a kernel after "r240419"

Right now my code uses PIO mode and is a bit slow, but it should be more 
stable. Let's start from there and work on upwards?

Anyone care to look into to optimising bus_space_region_4() calls to use 
load/store multiple?

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