2012/9/15 Vitaly Magerya <vmage...@gmail.com>

> Alexander Yerenkow <yeren...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > mav@ did patch for x, and my cheap tablet from `genius` became working
> :)
> > You probably should write to him, ask details on how make your device
> > working.
> That is good news then; do you have pressure sensitivity working in
> programs like gimp?
> I did mail mav@ (avg@ suggested this too), but got no response so
> far. There are however his patches at people.freebsd.org that look
> useful. Is [1] the one you're using? I shall look into it.
> From the first glance the patch seems to assume a uhid(4) device
> though; does ums(4) not grab your tablet before uhid(4)?

I don't remember exact details, if I'm not mistaken, pressure was supported
(it's basically sent by tablet as one byte).
You should have three section of device in xorg, and xorg will take
automatically one as mouse, one as tablet (weird, but working magic).
Could you write later to this list about results :)

> [1] http://people.freebsd.org/~mav/patch-zz-input-mouse9.1.7.1

Alexander Yerenkow
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