Alexander Yerenkow wrote:
> I don't remember exact details, if I'm not mistaken, pressure was supported
> (it's basically sent by tablet as one byte).
> You should have three section of device in xorg, and xorg will take
> automatically one as mouse, one as tablet (weird, but working magic).
> Could you write later to this list about results :)

Yeah, so after updating [1] to the latest xf86-input-mouse (1.8.1),
the tablet seems to work.

The caveat is that I haven't found a way to detach ums(4) from
the device without recompiling the kernel with ums excluded.
A workaround is to use sysutils/uhidd which will emulate an
uhid(4) device from a given ugen(4) device, so pointing the
patched mouse driver to that emulation seems to work.

The few minor problems (compared to Linux) are: no proximity events,
no relative mode support, and too many events (i.e. the driver produces
input events even if pointer's coordinates did not change).

Finally, mav@ replied pointing to his original post at [2].

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