On Thursday 03 January 2013 20:34:50 Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> Hi.
> As of the some recent releases of Android, umass support is gone and MTP
> support is the normal way for a computer to access a phone over USB.
> I have a pair of Android devices; one seems to be using MTP okay, and
> I'll try to move forward working with that, but the other doesn't seem
> to be offering the MTP interface on the bus.
> On my (updated to Android 4.1.1) phone, MTP only works if the phone's
> USB debugging option is enabled. If it is, usbconfig(8) sees a ugen(4)
> interface of MTP type; but otherwise it just shows up as a CD device.
> I also have a tablet, running Android 4.0.4, and it reports as MTP
> rather than umass. The tools that come with libmtp (and thus, probably,
> tools like gmtp) talk to it at least somewhat.
> Presenting the phone as a CD is intentional in the update. The CD is a
> real CD device (well, virtual, but it simulates one okay; it is at least
> mountable), and it contains Windows drivers for using the device as
> MTP. The problem is that the CD (a umass interface) is the *only* one
> that shows up. As far as I can gather, the device is expected to revert
> to MTP mode in a short period of time if the CD isn't mounted, and I
> can't seem to get it to do that.
> I've included the usbconfig output for the phone for both the regular
> and debug modes at the bottom of the message, but I don't expect that
> you will be able to get much more out of it than I have.
> I appreciate any advice.
> Thanks,
>        Lowell Gilbert


Try to use cdcontrol to eject the CD.

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