Hans Petter Selasky <hsela...@c2i.net> writes:

> On Thursday 03 January 2013 20:34:50 Lowell Gilbert wrote:
>> On my (updated to Android 4.1.1) phone, MTP only works if the phone's
>> USB debugging option is enabled. If it is, usbconfig(8) sees a ugen(4)
>> interface of MTP type; but otherwise it just shows up as a CD device.

> Try to use cdcontrol to eject the CD.

Thanks! That works! [And I can see the logic behind it, even, from a
firmware point of view.]

I should be able to automate the eject command through devd, I think. 
It would be nice to put something in the tree that would do that, but
being sure not to catch cases you'd want such a feature would be

I'll move forward on making MTP more convenient on FreeBSD. A lot of
devices are starting to force it on us, and it keeps the device usable
while the computer is accessing its files.

Thanks again!

Be well.
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