big picture: I want to get access to my USB DVB device in a jail. First
I explain what works (to show what I already know in this regard), then
I explain what doesn't work (where I seem to lack some knowledge).

What I did so far:
I already patched my kernel to give access to /dev/io and /dev/dri in a
jail to have X1 up and running in a jail (works since some years):
 - changed PRIV_DRIVER to PRIV_DRI_DRIVER (new in my kernel)
   for the priv_check() for /dev/dri
 - added cases PRIV_IO and PRIV_DRI_DRIVER to sys/kern/kern_jail.c
   which allow access if a specific allow.xxx flag is set for the jail
 - added the following lines to devfs.rules in a x11-jail specific
   section (plus some more devices):
add path agpgart unhide
add path dri unhide
add path 'dri*' unhide
add path nvidiactl unhide
add path 'nvidia*' unhide
add path io unhide
add path mem unhide

Patches at http://www.Leidinger.net/FreeBSD/current-patches/0_jail.diff

Result so far:
 - I see the io/mem/nvidia* devices (when I had a Radeon card which
   used /dev/dri, I was also seeing the devices in the /dev/dri/
 - I have X11 running in a jail (some config stuff skipped in the
   above list).

My problem:
I try now to get the device nodes which are created by
multimedia/cuse4bsd-kmod + mltimedia/webcamd visible
in a jail, but they only show up in the jail-host, not in the jail

I patched the priv_check()s in cuse4bsd-kmod to use PRIV_DRI_DRIVER
(because it is already available in my kernel and allowed in the jail
where I test this; I expect this is necessary in case I want to run
webcamd in the jail instead on the host system) and have the following
entries in devfs.rules:
add path cuse unhide
add path video unhide
add path 'video*' unhide
add path dvb unhide
add path 'dvb*' unhide
add path input unhide
add path 'input*' unhide

I also tried with:
add path 'dvb/*' unhide
add path 'dvb/adapter0/*' unhide
(I was as desperate to even reboot the entire host system after
changing the rules to make sure I didn't forget to run something which
should be run before.)

When starting webcamd in the host system (to rule out some other
interactions if I would start it in the jail), i can see in the jail:

In the host system I have additionally:

I would expect to see at least the /dev/dvb/adapter0, if not all of
them in the jail itself.

Is there something to the devfs.rules syntax or priv_check() or
make_dev()/make_dev_cred() I don't know/understand which is involved
when subdirectories of subdirectories in /dev are involved?

How can I debug this (where to look, what to look for, ...)?


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