On Oct 16, 2013, at 10:53 PM, Hans Petter Selasky wrote:

> Is the problem fixed if you set:
> hw.usb.xhci.xhci_port_route=-1
> in /boot/loader.conf

No, no change in (lack of) functionality.

I uploaded these bootverbose-enabled dmesg outputs:

With XHCI Mode = Disabled in BIOS (reverts ports to EHCI control):


With XHCI Mode = Enabled in BIOS and with tunable 
hw.usb.xhci.xhci_port_route=-1 set:


> XHCI is a more high-level controller, and I suspect that the makers have 
> added some propritary glue to switch ports back and forth between XHCI and 
> EHCI which is not documented anywhere.

On the first board (X10SLM-F), XHCI Mode is a BIOS setting and affects all USB 
ports. I haven't experimented with settings on the Atom yet. The Atom uses a 
Renesas chip for its USB ports, though, and no USB from the SoC itself, that I 
can tell.

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