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> Alexander Leidinger wrote:

> > A port at
> > http://www.leidinger.net/test/pcsc-cyberjack.tar.bz2
> > 
> > I did this port not for the RFID reader, it's for another one. It
> > may or may not work for you.
> Thanks Alexander !, I downloaded & installed on 9.2-RELEASE,


> I ran make package-recursive to make sure any dependencies are in
> place, & installed security/pcsc-tools


>  vi Info.plist
>    VendorID .. 0x0c4b same as mine
>    ProductID does not include my 0x9102
>    do a quick hack in 3 blocks to add it.

It may not be supported... did you check how it is supported in linux?

> /usr/local/etc/rc.d/pcscd restart
>  pcsc_scan
>   Waiting for the first reader...^D
> Got to stop for now.  Am I on course please ?

>From something I wanted to finish and publish a year ago but didn't
yet (the following is just a small excerpt):
Then I installed security/opensc (smart card framework),
devel/libccid (card reader driver for the Aladdin eToken PRO 72k and
for my Cherry card reader), pcsc-cyberjack (a card reader driver for my
"Reiner SCT cyberJack secoder" card reader which I ported to FreeBSD
but which is not in the Ports Collection, as it does not support enough
features you expect from a card reader), security/engine_pkcs12 (a
plugin-in for OpenSSL so that it can talk directly with the smart card)
and security/gnupg with the custom config option SCDAEMON (Smartcard

As a dependency the pcsc-lite port (smart card reader framework) is
installed, and the pkg-message tells to add some lines
to /etc/devd.conf when USB card readers shall be used (so watch out and
follow the instructions). As I am using the smart card in a jail, I had
to modify those lines so that they execute the command inside the jail
(I prefixed the command with "/usr/sbin/jexec <jailname> ").

For opensc the sample config file /usr/local/etc/openct.conf-sample has
to be copied to /usr/local/etc/openct.conf.

The next thing in my "what I did" docs is the command which looks for
the openpgp card in the reader, so I don't have more. So check your
devd.conf for a suitable line for the pcsc-lite port.


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