I have more than a little reason to be suspicious of the motheboard
in my #2 desktop system, so I swapped the USB 3.0 PCIe add-in cards
that I had here between my two system and then re-ran all of my tests.

So now you can find all my test results in these five files:


Predictably, perhaps, the problems did in fact follow the (older, and
apparently not so great) Anker[tm] brand controller card, and _did not_
seem at all to depend on the motherboard.

I learned one other thing also.  As I mentioned earlier, the Anker card
(which I purchased over a year ago) apparently contains a VL800-Q8.  On
the other hand I've now looked closely at the HooToo USB 3.0 PCIe card
that I just purchased recently, and it sports a VL805-Q6.

Based on the dates of the following press reports, the VL800 is indeed a
much earlier (and, I am guessing, buggier) incarnation of the VL805:

(VL800 - May 26, 2010)

(VL805 - November 22nd 2012)

So I guess it serves me right for trying to use an old card with an old
version of FreeBSD.

But then again, even a really very fresh version of FreeBSD doesn't seem to
like the old card.

But then again, perhaps that silicon was just plain BUGGY.  Certainly the
fact that it seems to disconnect and then reconnect an unrelated device
when I plug in my Patriot Gaultlet2 would tend to support that view.
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