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El día Thursday, June 12, 2014 a las 10:28:27AM +0200, Hans Petter Selasky 

I've pluged'in the USB-2-parallel cable into a Win7 laptop and Win
recogniced the model of the printer at the other end of the cable fine
as HP LasetJet 4ML and prints ofc fine too. I'm surprised, btw, that the
toner after so many years in the cellary is still fine :-)

And now?

Maybe you can sniff the USB traffic on the Win7 laptop, so that we can
compare the order of USB events.

I have tried with no luck the tool from


and as well the way described here with M$ tools:


I can not get any use full traffic dump from them. Someone could point
me to a working tool for Win7. I know, our list deals with FreeBSD
software, but it is some kind of re-engineering why Win7 works with a
device and FreeBSD does not :-)




You might be able to remove "ulpt" driver from the kernel config and also "mv -i /boot/kernel/ulpt.ko /boot/kernel/ulpt.ko.old" and run Win7 from Virtualbox or a VM and see what happens. Then you can sniff the USB traffic in the VM USB host.

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