On 08/31/14 23:38, grarpamp wrote:
Please send output from:
usbconfig -d X.Y dump_device_desc dump_curr_config_desc
regarding your device.

Nothing happens in verbose dmesg when I plug in the device,
other than the device itself turns on. If I plug in another device, such
as a USB memory stick to the same port, the stick is accessible.
I believe this device is supposed to present as mass storage since
similar devices in its class do appear.
Anyway, the below output is the same regardless of whether or
not the device is plugged in (I used -u 3 to list the entire bus
in the case when memory stick is in)...

usbdump -v -i usbus3 -f 2
  [nothing with device, dumps with memstick]


Can you send output from "pciconf -lv" maybe there is a USB controller not recognized?


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