On 09/13/14 14:04, Lundberg, Johannes wrote:

I tried now for hours but no luck with this.. I have a special usb device
to which I connect with libusb. Everything works find as root but I can
seem to be able to access with normal user no matter how I configure devfs.

I changed both conf and rules and even set myself as owner and group and
777 permission to /dev/ugen* /dev/usb and /dev/usb/* but no luck...

I can connect to the device and claim interface but then it fails at the
first libusb_control_transfer with error -4

I have done this before without problems. I am running the newest
11-CURRENT snapshot so could there be any bug that causes this or has
anything changed in configurations?

Grateful for any advice...
Johannes Lundberg


You only need to "chmod /dev/usb/X.Y.0" .

Some control transfers are always restricted to root user:

         * Avoid requests that would damage the bus integrity:
        if (((req->bmRequestType == UT_WRITE_DEVICE) &&
            (req->bRequest == UR_SET_ADDRESS)) ||
            ((req->bmRequestType == UT_WRITE_DEVICE) &&
            (req->bRequest == UR_SET_CONFIG)) ||
            ((req->bmRequestType == UT_WRITE_INTERFACE) &&
            (req->bRequest == UR_SET_INTERFACE))) {
                 * These requests can be useful for testing USB drivers.
                error = priv_check(curthread, PRIV_DRIVER);
                if (error) {
                        return (error);

You need to use their libusb counterpart to avoid problems!

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