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Hello world! :-)

I have changed my machine, there is a built-in GOBI2000 / HP UN2420
3G/GPS module installable as MiniPCI card and visible as USB device. I
have added its VID/PID to the usbdevs and u3g.c module, so after
recompilation it gets recognised by u3g module and apropriate
/dev/cuaU* device shows up..

The problem is that device does not store firmware inside non-volatile
memory, so user needs to upload it after power-on. I have the firmware
files. I can test modem with success after reboot from Win7 which
uploads firmware into device. Still, I need to upload the firmware
somehow on my FreeBSD.

The upload protocol is QDL and /dev/cuaU0 shows up waiting for
command. Which utility can I use to upload firmware with QDL? I have
seen one post [1] regarding this problem in the past but the QDL
utility was not named explicitly.

Any hints welcome! :-)


[1] http://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-usb/2010-October/009384.html


Maybe you can use some tools to sniff the USB protocol under the other operating system. The protocol is probably not too complicated, and just replay the traffic.

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