On 10/22/14 03:09, Dewayne Geraghty wrote:
Thank-you for these enhancements, as its good to have something in the
armoury to try to address this issue.

I applied the patch
https://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/svn-src-head/2014-October/063443.html  to
an updated 10.Stable overnight.  Disabling enumeration works as
described above except that, placing the following in loader.conf has no
--- tail of /boot/loader.conf ---
# 20141022 Didn't work as expected

# 20141022 Also didn't work
--- end of /boot/loader.conf ---


The /boot/loader.conf only works in -current, because in 10-stable SYSCTLs cannot be automatically loaded from TUNABLEs. You would need to add some TUNABLE() statements for that.

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